Christine Taylor

After completing her Newark Public Schools education by graduating from East Side High School, Christine "Tina" earned a bachelor’s degree fron Rutgers University in Newark.  She began her professional career with the Newark Board of Education as a mathematics teacher.  Earning a master’s degree from Montclair State University enabled her to be certified as a guidance counselor, as well as an administrator. 

After serving as a Guidance Counselor for several years, she was promoted to the position of Department Chair of Mathematics,  This motivated her to earn a second master’s degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics, which enabled her to teach at the college level.  Tina subsequently served as a Vice Principal and then Principal of Science High School, a position she held for 18 years.  During that period, she oversaw the school's  transition to the newly constructed Science Park High School. 

Tina has served as an Executive Board Member (representing Principals and Department Chairpersons) of the City Association for Supervisors and Administrators (CASA).  She was later elected CASA’s Treasurer and then President, the role in which she is currently serving.  As President, Tina continued the union’s fierce leadership against the relentless efforts of two state appointed superintendents to destroy CASA as a forceful bargaining agent.  She also served with numerous coalitions and alliances which ultimately brought an end to state control of Newark’s schools.

Tina’s professional career reflects a lifelong commitment to student-centered learning and development, professional excellence and workers’ rights.  Her pursuit of these commitments continues to have a positive impact on the Newark public school system.