Public Wants More Education Funding

Some 65% of Americans think the federal government spends too little on education programs, according to a new poll by AP-NORC conducted at the end of March.

The poll shows that Americans want to rein in federal spending, but list education as the top category where taxpayers want to increase federal spending. It’s notable that education is one of only three areas where a majority of both Republicans and Democrats support more spending— the other two topics are infrastructure and Social Security. 

Those between the ages of 30 and 44, who are especially likely to have school-age children, indicate a great desire for increased government spending on education.

Another poll this year by the American Federation of Teachers found that 93% of respondents said improving public education was an important priority for government officials, and 69% wanted to see more school funding. Teacher shortages and campus safety were identified as some of the other serious problems facing schools.

Photo by Andy Blackledge. CC BY 2.0