While both the U.S. and Italy face significant challenges, sharing strategies and learning from each other’s experiences can help improve the mental health support systems in both countries.

In the wake of the post-COVID-19 pandemic world, we are witnessing a surge in stress and anxiety among our students.

Central offices were set up more than a century ago to handle business and regulatory functions. Today’s schools require a fundamentally new approach.
This year, we’ve seen unprecedented engagement from the Biden administration, affording AFSA a significant seat at the policymaking table and the opportunity for regular input.
“We are at a technological crossroads with the rights and economic security of workers at risk."

The highly anticipated 17th Triennial AFSA Constitutional Convention will take place in Las Vegas in July 2025. 

This pivotal gathering is poised to be a cornerstone event, focusing on AFSA constitutional amendments, critical discussions and decisions regarding essential public policy stances. Additionally, the convention will offer an array of professional learning courses and leadership training tailored to union leaders.

“I can’t believe I’m paid to do what I love.”